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Earn money with investments

With Monvesto you are guaranteed to find the right investment with which you can also make money!

Online investment & Riskmanagement

Investment portfolio

It is important to summarize or make your investments in a clear and diversified portfolio. This is called diversification


Within a portfolio, care should always be taken to ensure that funds are divided independently and sensibly.

Experience and education

In order to successfully complete your investments, you should always read well and slowly gain experience.

Reliable contacts

Like almost everywhere else, important and good contacts are essential in the investment industry. Experienced contacts can protect you from serious mistakes and make it easier for you to get started with investments!

Plausible strategies

Before making any investment, each step should be carefully considered. From the goal of the investment, to the risk and the opportunities.

Correct taxation

Depending on the investment or investment project, you should be aware of obligations such as taxes and duties. With the right design, you can save a lot of trouble and money.

Copytrading & Broker

Roboforex Main trading account:

Advantages of Roboforex Main trading account:


Starting from 1000 $


free Windows-Server possible


ECN Account with lower spreads


Clear statistics and evaluations


Up to 10% on account balance


Internationally regulated and safe

Roboforex Low budget trading account:

Advantages of Roboforex Low budget trading account:


Starting from 200 $


free Windows-Server possible


Cent Account for lower risk


Clear statistics and evaluations


Up to 10% on account balance


Internationally regulated and safe


Only 4 steps to your own
Copytrading account


Register with our broker using our link. This is the only way you will receive the same conditions as we do on our accounts.
*If you are already registered, you can also receive our conditions later with our help.


Once you are registered, explore the platform on your own or with our help. Then make your desired deposit.
*Do not deposit money until you are sure about the risks regarding your money.


Follow the links to our trading accounts and choose an account that suits your ideas or requirements and subscribe to the trading account.
*You can find links to the accounts in the statistics or in our Telegram channel.


Once an account is subscribed, trades will also be executed on your account. You can control and monitor everything at any time.
*The only thing you have to do yourself is manage your funds and winnings.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is and what does Monvesto do?

As an independent company, we operate in the area of ​​investment and investment opportunities. We would like to emphasize that we work exclusively in our own interest and for our own corporate structures. We would like to present here how and how we as a company earn our money. We would also like to show everyone how it is possible to prepare for old age through investments and investments or how you can develop additional active or passive sources of income. It is important to us to provide information about possible risks and other factors!

Can I make money with Monvesto?

No. You cannot make money with Monvesto itself. Nevertheless, Monvesto can perhaps help you to delve a little into the world of investments and learn something about investment opportunities, their processes, the opportunities and, above all, the risks.

Can I discuss investments or investment opportunities with Monvesto?

In any case. Contact with people who would like to exchange ideas about investments is always welcome. We are happy to include suggestions for improvement and new ideas in our portfolio. When discussing opportunities, long-term and successful partnerships often emerge.

Can I become a Monvesto partner?

A direct partnership can be requested or suggested. Since we work exclusively in our own interest, a partnership is more likely to be viewed as a cooperation. Details and conditions are negotiated and shown individually for each cooperation.

Why does Monvesto show a portfolio?

We would like to present here how and how we as a company earn our money.

*However, the portfolio is still being recorded and processed in order to be presented graphically and clearly.

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to write to us using the contact form or one of the other contact options.

Write us a message.

Do you have general questions or suggestions?

Then simply send us a message using the contact form. If something is missing from our portfolio, or if you think that we should definitely include something in the portfolio, please let us know your suggestions. Partners and companies are also welcome to present their products using the form or using the other contact options. Your personal data will not be published or passed on to third parties.

Would you like to become a partner or introduce something?

Then it’s best to send us a message with all the information directly to the email address provided. You are welcome to add all information and conditions. We act exclusively in our own interest and do not get involved in shady or unauthorized business. Such requests will be ignored and, in case of doubt, forwarded to our contact person at the responsible authorities.